Pranayama Breathing Exercises

Before we start I want to explain that the ancient teachings of pranayama breathing are much more extensive than this.  But I will show you its modified part,  the most effective part , a version that was taught by Buddha.


Make sure your back is straight, then breathe in deeply  through the nose to the upper chest, preferably throwing your chest and abdomen outward. As soon as you have inhaled, exhale quickly so that breath leaves your body without straining it. In this exercise, there is no pause between breaths.


Breathe in through your nose in the lower part of the lungs while pushing belly out, continue to breathe in but with the middle part of the lungs, spreading the ribs. Finally finish a complete breath by inhaling in the upper part of lungs and rising the collarbone. It should be one continuous act. Then again, without pause, let the body exhale without strain.


The third exercise is carried out similar as the first exercise, but we will only quickly inhale and exhale for four times . The fifth inhalation and exhalation should be long and slow.



With the right thumb close your right nostril and inhale through the left; release the right nostril while simultaneously closing the left nostril with your little and ring finger and exhale through the right.Now inhale through the open right nostril , close  it immediately with the thumb and exhale through the left .It looks complicated, but only for the first few times.


These four exercises have linked inhalation and exhalation. So, between breaths there is no pause.  It is very important that during this time your focus is on the act of breathing. As soon as you notice that you thoughts wander off, simply focus back to breathing. Dont get upset if you loose your attention. This is normal at the begining.  Simply compliment yourself that you managed to notice it. Compliments have magical powers, whether you compliment yourself or others.

The energy that you feel through this exercises is called prana, it is the universal cosmic energy that flows trough the all living things. Your vitality, strength, mood, success in life and a lot of things depends on amount of this energy. Breathing is an easy way to get to the prana. Pranayama is a way of collecting that clean energy. You should not confuse air and oxygen with energy. We do not need more oxygen than what we take with ordinary breathing, but we need more energy. Therefore breathe. When you do something, you do it right, and when you lift your energy, the stress will disappear ,and at the end of the day you will be in a good mood.

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