What Happens When We Die ?

As the death approaches, our whole body usually paralyzes, ¬†parts of our body even go numb. When your foot is numb, you see it and you know it’s yours, but you can not move it.

Most people near death feel paralysis or numbness of the whole body – limbs, muscles, and even internal organs including the heart and lungs.

The dying man is initially unaware that his muscles and limbs are slowly numbing. When the heart starts to become numb, we experience the feeling of suffocation because the lungs can not function without the function of the heart. This sense of choking is a bit painfull, but discomfort lasts only for one to three seconds and causes a strong fear of death.

In order for souls to reincarnate many times you must experience death as a result of the transition from the old body into your new body, but we keep the memory of that feeling of suffocation and pain at the time of death. This memory is causing the fear of death.

To the dying man is not appropriate to say anything, but if he is brave enough and wants to die, you could whisper: ” Disappear from this miserable life and enter into the world of eternal happiness.”




After the experience of suffocation, we suddenly feel relief from the weight of our body. The soul of the deceased then enters in the eternal dream, a million times deeper and more comfortable than the regular dream. The soul then feels as if flying through a very quiet, dark tunnel.

If a man dies quickly, for example, due to hanging, electrocution or accident, he will not  feel any physical pain.

Suffering is purely mental, because the mind realizes that he can not breathe, that he can not longer live in this body. The feeling of suffocation and pain at the moment of death turn into a painful mental memory, which will trouble the mind of the deceased, but will soon calm down, when the soul realizes that it has lost the body. If a good man is killed the soul will rarely suffer even a mental agony.


Although the physical body is not real, the power of ego makes it seem real. Likewise, the astral body in death also seems real and it becomes the holder of ego.

Just as the physical body dreams vivid dreams, astral body (after the death of the physical body) can also create any dream that we like.

Saints and focused people, who, during their life learned the technique of meditation, are able to retain consciousness even when the heart slows down or even stops; they can keep their awareness even in a state of mortal dream.

As we can enjoy in a deep sleep or semi-consciously watch beauty of our dream, in the conscious death all our astral experience is conscious or semi-conscious.